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Why is high-quality siding important?

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Traditional vs Solid Core Siding- What's The Difference?


Traditional vinyl siding consists of vinyl panels without any additional foam backing. It is a straightforward and commonly used type of siding. While traditional vinyl siding provides some level of insulation, it doesn't offer nearly the same level of energy efficiency as insulated vinyl siding and is not as rigid as insulated vinyl siding. For this reason, it can be more susceptible to impacts or bending.

Solid Core

The foam backing in insulated vinyl siding enhances the energy efficiency of any building it's applied to and provides sound insulation to create a quieter indoor environment. It helps to reduce heat transfer through the walls, which can lead to better thermal performance and potential energy savings on heating and cooling costs. The foam layer also adds rigidity and strength to the siding, making it less susceptible to warping and other forms of damage, and allows larger sheets of siding to be used, which adds curb appeal.

What syles of siding are there?

Vinyl Colors

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