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Allgood Home Improvements hosted their first food drive, FEED CINCY. All donations were sent to Operation Give Back, a local charity in Blue Ash, Ohio. Operation Give Back specializes in focusing on tutoring and mentoring, their own food pantry, and their giveback program. Their mission is to strive for educational equity and to provide community outreach to students and families in need, inspiring all to realize their full potential and GIVE BACK to society.

We were appreciative of everyone who came out to help support our food drive; we were able to collect an entire truck filled with goods and raise over $400 in monetary donations. Ed Grant, owner and president of Allgood, and Ashley Dahmus, office manager, came together to hand deliver the donations. They were able to take a tour of their facility and be presented with what Operation Give Back does for others and what they stand for. Last year, Operation Give Back was able to provide over 2,500 people with a bread bundle, over 3,000 people were served by the food pantry, and over 750 people with book bags and supplies for school. They are expected to go beyond those numbers with this coming year. We appreciate Sheila Lichtenburg, Executive Director of OGB, and the volunteers of Operation Give Back for allowing us to take a tour and welcoming the Allgood family with open arms with all that they do.

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