Work Requests in Hamilton

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Learn more about AllGood Home Improvements Cincinnati's recent work requests in Hamilton, OH
Vicinity of Trenton Rd in Hamilton
I am going to replace windows and put siding on our home.
Vicinity of Scott Ln in Hamilton
Need tub reglazed. Colors is tan
Vicinity of LIBERTY FAIRFIELD RD in Hamilton
Vicinity of Millikin Rd. in Hamilton
Would like to replace 4 windows
Vicinity of Tolbert Road in Hamilton
Extend my roof out to cover patio and replace all the roofing. Possibly garage add-on
Vicinity of Keystone Court in Hamilton
Need to replace windows and a sliding glass door
Vicinity of Ross Ave in Hamilton
Can you help us with the following repairs or provide a referral for who can help us? We are seeking an electrician for the following: *Add an outlet and switch to kitchen to install garbage disposals. There are two floors and both kitchens need an outlet and switch installed. *Inspect last electrical project. Included install of can lights on second floor, rewiring on second floor to replace know & tube. *Hang chandelier in first floor dining room (this may still be done by previous GC team) *May we seek your opinion if we should install/wired smoke alarm/CO detectors? We have battery operated units now. *Advice for wiring in basement. What is active, what can go? *Does our home have any remaining knob & tube? *Original home inspection suggested to replace screws in breaker box with coded screws and label breakers. *Quote for installing light fixtures - replacing on second floor. Long term project. *Long term project to also finish attic. *#1, 2 & 3 above are all needed soon. Roof & Gutters: *Install a new downspout and connection to an area near front of house. Currently has two downspouts to one pipe. Pipe overflows. We have received recommendations to widen the pipe and install a better connector where the two come together. *We need our box gutters cleaned and sealed if areas need it. I would like to find a contractor that could help us with this twice a year. *There are a couple areas on the roof that have started to have slow leaks to the attic. I think these are due to a few recent roof visits by contractors for an AC and chimney repair. It is just off the access vent. I purchased a product to seal the the areas. I'm looking for help with the coating or advice for best care and a safe application. Let me know what you may be interested in taking on or what/who you may recommend to help. Thank you, Jen Kephart 330-221-1173
Vicinity of Ross Ave in Hamilton
Replace all windows in basement and most rooms.
Vicinity of IMPERIAL DRIVE in Hamilton
Looking for new windows. May consider just putting in new windows in the front of the house depending on cost. I like the no money down and financing options available
Vicinity of Lakewood Ct in Hamilton
Vicinity of Princeton Rd in Hamilton
I have a rotting window from I would like repaired. Is this something you can do?
Vicinity of Van Buren Dr in Hamilton
Need new siding on the house, garage and shed
Vicinity of Reily Millville Rd in Hamilton
Looking to get quotes on windows, roofing and gutters. Would also like to see what siding cost.
Vicinity of Millville Avenue in Hamilton
Windows and roof estimate
Vicinity of Stratton Court in Hamilton
Gutter over my garage and downspout on my deck needs replaced.
Vicinity of Onedia CT in Hamilton
Vicinity of Kimberly Dr in Hamilton
I need some fascia board replaced
Vicinity of Rockford Drive in Hamilton
This my son's house and he is in need of a roof!
Vicinity of in Hamilton
Looking to find out what it would cost to replace all the windows in my house.
Vicinity of Mountview Ct. in Hamilton
Bathroom upgrade for 2 bathrooms. Would like new fixtures, lighting, vanity countertops and painted.
Vicinity of Colegate Way in Hamilton
3 windows and 2 sliding door replacement. Interested in estimate.
Vicinity of Rutledge Trail in Hamilton
Need to get a quote on a new roof. We are the original owners of this house and it was built in 2000 and the roof is original.
Vicinity of Trenton Oxford Rd in Hamilton
We recently purchased a new home and need to replace all windows (13), front door with two side widow panels, and a back double door.
Vicinity of Warvel Rd in Hamilton
Siding and windows
Vicinity of Sunset Drive in Hamilton
Looking at replacing 10 windows in my home.
Vicinity of Main St in Hamilton
Would like a quote on siding the house
Vicinity of Cornell Lane in Hamilton
Need an estimate ASAP for my condo. Thank you!
Vicinity of Kahn Ave in Hamilton
Roof gutters, soffit, downspouts , home remodel
Vicinity of Hillcrest Dr in Hamilton
We are looking for siding. Thank you.
Vicinity of Campbell Dr. in Hamilton
My wife and I are looking into getting siding put onto our home. It is a cinder block home and we are looking for something that looks nice as well as being able to insulate our home better. Thanks.
Vicinity of Campbell Avenue in Hamilton
Prepping house to sell. Needs a fair amount of work before marketing. Been there over 26 years.
Vicinity of Hillcrest Dr in Hamilton
We'd like to get a project estimate for one of your vinyl siding products ... we have 21 of your windows installed.
Vicinity of Jessies Way in Hamilton
Need 2 windows replaced and possibly a sliding glass door.
Vicinity of Saratoga Dr in Hamilton
Level and new bathroom floor. Reinstall toilet and vanity
Vicinity of Morman Road in Hamilton
12x16 deck pre treated lumber with steps and simple railing.
Vicinity of Vista Dr in Hamilton
We just moved into a home that needs new siding, windows and doors. Looking to have work done in very near future.
Vicinity of Corwin Ave in Hamilton
Bathroom remodel. Older home, tile crumbling around tub. Only 2 sides of tub are enclosed - front and end are open. Large window above tube which is non vinyl (original wood window). Putting house on market and need f functional tub/shower combination.
Vicinity of N. Brookwood Ave. in Hamilton
Our bay window needs replaced and possibly the wood insert beneath the window.
Vicinity of Oxford Middletown Rd in Hamilton
We need new windows
Vicinity of Huntsman Way in Hamilton
I have a defective gutter on the rear of my home that is allowing water to pour onto my deck and from there soaking the OSB sheeting behind the siding and entering my basement. I believe this is due to bad siding installation and need to have someone take a look and repair.
Vicinity of Coralie Avenue in Hamilton
Vicinity of Hooven Ave in Hamilton
Vicinity of Fairborn Dr in Hamilton
We want free quote for replacement windows in our home.
Vicinity of Chelsea Court in Hamilton
I want to get a quote to Replace all my gutters, soffit, facia, and drip edge on my house. Anything brown, I would like replaced to white.
Vicinity of Millville Avenue in Hamilton
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: bathroom remodeling. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Hampshire Dr. in Hamilton
Convert tub/shower to shower, remove wall tile. This wall has a window. Replace toilet with High rise. Tile floor.
Vicinity of Fairview Ave in Hamilton
I need an estimate on siding on a property I own
Vicinity of Corwin Ave in Hamilton
Estimate on new roof
Vicinity of Mill St in Hamilton
Want a quote on remove an in wall air conditioner and put in small window
Vicinity of Round Hill Drive in Hamilton
Looking at updating a bathroom
Vicinity of Thomas Blvd in Hamilton
I have several windows in my home that have broken seals. Interested in an estimate .
Vicinity of Elwood Dr in Hamilton
Need 7 new windows
Vicinity of Whitaker Ave in Hamilton
We are in need of a new roof and would also like pricing for a finished basement with a bedroom
Vicinity of Glenway Drive in Hamilton
Looking for some updating of our house that we plan to list within the next year, it has t1-11 wood siding that I'd like to talk to about putting vinyl over and original aluminum single pain Windows, 16 in total.
Vicinity of Newkirk Drive in Hamilton
We aren't sure of the age of our current roof, therefore we need an inspection to determine if a new one is needed. We also are looking at new soffits and gutters and hope to be able to match or current vinyl siding.
Vicinity of Bell Rd in Hamilton
Need new roof.. Has 2 layers of singles
Vicinity of S. Gersam in Hamilton
Need roof overlay or new roof
Vicinity of Oakwood Drive in Hamilton
Looking for estimate to vinyl trim out my elevated brick ranch eaves and trim.
Vicinity of Edwood Dr in Hamilton
New windows and exterior doors. Front & back door 2 double windows and 3 single windows (ranch home)
Vicinity of E. Fairway Drive in Hamilton
I need a new roof
Vicinity of Clinton Ave in Hamilton
Vicinity of Woodbine in Hamilton
I have many projects I need quotes for at my residence. Roof, siding, bathroom.
Vicinity of Darrtown Road in Hamilton
Roof is leaking in several places
Vicinity of Grandin Ridge Dr in Hamilton
Looking for quote on replacement windows for entire home.
Vicinity of Hearthwood Dr in Hamilton
Free estimate for a finished basement. Have not looked at any plans as of 1-6-16. Wanting an estimate on 2-4-16 at 4p. If price is doable, can schedule for possibly june. Discuss payment plans if offered. Thanks
Vicinity of Rochester Ave in Hamilton
Would like an estimate for all windows.How long it will take to install them and if it can be done in the winter.
Vicinity of Gray Ave. in Hamilton
We need all new gutters with permanent gutter guards and down spouts. We need a price on all new windows, we have over 40 windows. Thank you!
Vicinity of Schroeder Court in Hamilton
Broken shingles, black streaks, age. Not a storm claim.
Vicinity of Cain Ave in Hamilton
Leak in roof. Gutters in disrepair
Vicinity of N E Street in Hamilton
Windows 4 need done
Vicinity of Laredo Dr in Hamilton
My roof began leaking into my living room with last week. We had two consecutive days of heavy rain. I woke to water damage on my ceiling and water puddled on my furniture. I have contacted my insurance company and filed a claim. I also had a friend/roofer come to assess the condition of the roof. I was told the entire roof needs replaced.
Vicinity of Chablis Dr. in Hamilton
Time for new shingles or maybe a metal roof. I think there are 2 layers of shingles on now so I probably need a tear off.
Vicinity of Hillcrest Dr. in Hamilton
Replacement windows
Vicinity of Randall Dr in Hamilton
I am interested in having my bathtub refinished and walls re-tiled, possibly floor re-tiled as well.
Vicinity of Lakewood Dr in Hamilton
We are taking quotes to finish the basement of our newly purchased home
Vicinity of Main St in Hamilton
Need 22 windows and vinal siding
Vicinity of Ridgewood Ave in Hamilton
HI! We are in need of 4 windows in our home before winter hits. We also would like an estimate for replacing our kitchen tile with linoleum. And we need a basement window taken out altogether. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care, Sue
Vicinity of Rachael's Run in Hamilton
15 year old house with builders grade crappy Windows
Vicinity of Abilene Ct in Hamilton
I would like an estimate for replacement windows for my home.
Vicinity of W Fairway Dr in Hamilton
Grout on tile walls is going bad, a few tiles are loose and gaps are forming. I was interested in having a tub surround put in. Thanks.
Vicinity of Vanderveer Ave. in Hamilton
New roof, house and garage that is a tear off on both, some fascia repair on house
Vicinity of Morgan Ross Rd in Hamilton
Need 12 replacement windows
Vicinity of Oxford Middletown Rd in Hamilton
I am purchasing a forclosed home, it appears the roof is in need of replacement; (shingles missing/sticking up.) I'm am looking for an estimate to replace the roof.
Vicinity of Jackson Rd. in Hamilton
Old shingles and now have a leak
Vicinity of Gates Road in Hamilton
Vinyl replacement windows I prefer email communication please
Vicinity of Cleveland Ave in Hamilton
I have one basement window that I need replaced. I would like to replace it with glass block. The measurement is around 32"x18".
Vicinity of Ridgelawn Ave in Hamilton
Looking for estimate for windows, siding, and roof
Vicinity of Benninghofen Ave in Hamilton
New windows estimate.
Vicinity of Cabernet Court in Hamilton
New deck on back or sunroom and new deck on front porch. New vinyl fence in back yard.
Vicinity of Carter Terrace in Hamilton
We are remodeling our kitchen and I have two windows that need replaced. I would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Carlisle Ave in Hamilton
Gutter installation
Vicinity of in Hamilton
Need estimate on windows (7) of them.
Vicinity of Millikin in Hamilton
I would like an estimate for re roofing and replace windows.
Vicinity of Salvatore Pl in Hamilton
Trying to get estimates from a few places to find the best bang for my buck. Just need a estimate on 17 windows for my home.
Vicinity of Harris Rd in Hamilton
Need a price on how much new windows will be?
Vicinity of Cedar Lake Ct in Hamilton
Kitchen Remodel and possible bath remodel. Removing a wall for larger Kitchen. Need quote for all above.
Vicinity of Madison Ave in Hamilton
All of My house needs fixend .
Vicinity of Madison Ave in Hamilton
All of My house needs fixend .
Vicinity of Cleveland Ave in Hamilton
Price on windows
Vicinity of Hoove Ave. in Hamilton
I am in need of a new roof and would like a quote, please.
Vicinity of Hunt Ave. in Hamilton
Wanting to replace a large picture and the 2 window next to it, and possibly 2 entry doors
Vicinity of Chestnut St in Hamilton
I have older windows and would like to update them, at this time in looking to replace 4 windows and a old door
Vicinity of Dexter Court in Hamilton
Ceramic floor tile installation in two bathrooms
Vicinity of Vista Dr in Hamilton
Carport leaking in back left corner. The carport is 12X24 in size. I have been given conflicting information as to the type of roof needed (shingle vs. rubber) due to the slope. Would like a clear estimate. Sine your company is all purpose I would like estimates on a kitchen and bathroom remodel as well to include layout.
Vicinity of Augspurger in Hamilton
We need a quote on all new windows on a rental we just purchased.Please give me my local # and contact name.
Vicinity of Chablis in Hamilton
We have a deck now that we just want rebuilt exactly the same. some board are missing and the stairs broke away from the house. Please call. looking for free estimate
Vicinity of Pershing Ave in Hamilton
Vinyl siding
Vicinity of WAYNE TRACE RD in Hamilton
I need a new roof installed and would like an estimate Thank you
Vicinity of in Hamilton
I need new windows and one new door possibly 2.
Vicinity of Headgates Rd in Hamilton
2 layers of shingles need removed. Current shingles about 20yrs old. Leaks around chimney. Would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Hilda Ave in Hamilton
Florida room need repaired/replaced would like an estimate on it
Vicinity of Eagle Creek Drive in Hamilton
Preparing my house to sell and need a roof. I only have one layer now and I think I can be fine with a "layover" (I think you call it that!) Your "...lot a' money!" ad finally got me! Thanks